DesignPH 2


designPH 2 is a plugin for the popular 3D design software SketchUp which gives quick results using automatic analysis. This provides flexibility to the designer whilst giving reliable energy performance feedback throughout the project design stages, continually informing and improving the decision-making process. To use designPH 2, a PHPP 9 licence is required.

DesignPH 2.0 New Features:

- New shading analysis based on 3D ray-tracing and Perez radiation model. Complex shading scenes can be analysed accurately and  both winter and summer shading factors can be exported to PHPP.

- New "Compare results" tab allows the key analysis results to be tracked and compared over time as the model evolves.

- Assignment of user-defined Thermal Bridge component entries.

- Additional ventilation inputs such as the ventilation strategy, MVHR unit selection, pressure test resultand more.

- Improved automatic naming and ordering of windows and surfaces.

- Improved User Interface.


-This is a single-user licence. You are permitted to use the software on one laptop or desktop computer at any one time. The licence activation can be transferred between designPH installations on different computers as many times as you wish.


- designPH 2.0 is currently compatible with SketchUp 2017-2021 desktop versions.

Supported languages:

- DesignPH is a universal language version. As of v2.0.06 EN, DE, ES & NL are supported.

Available versions:

- designPH 2.0 PRO

- designPH 2.0 EDU - coming soon...

- designPH 2.0 DEMO - coming soon...