bim2PH is the new BIM Tool developed by the Passive House Institute, which allows efficiency data entry in 3D BIM software and transfer information for the energy balance calculation and efficiency design into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

bim2PH 1.0.1: first version of the software. Import of geometric and custom properties have been implemented.

bim2PH 1.0.2: EDU version has been implemented. Minor bugs corrected


- 4 software packages covered

- IFC2x3 and IFC4

- For new projects and existing ones

- Templates available in English & German language

- SI and IP units

- Microsoft Windows

The compatibility with other software can be seen in the pictures in the product view above.

In case of models from one of the untested versions, please contact PHI and attach the IFC file coming from your untested version. We will check its compatibility with your software version.


- Export ppp file

- Select thermal envelope and TFA

- Selective export

- Filter options

- Entity menu

- Model Viewer

- U-Values menu

- Save workspace

- PHPP Tabs

- Data export for Southern Hemisphere

Imported Data:

- Longitude, Latitude and Altitude (location)

- Building Envelope Surface geometry

- Thermal Bridges

- Windows/Doors geometry

- Orientation

- Component Properties

- Shading properties

- Reference floor area (TFA)

- Interior Volumes